Submissions and Research

NZ IoT Alliance Manifesto 2023

The IoT Alliance supports the NZTech Manifesto, which outlines specific areas the Government should focus on to enable and grow Aotearoa as a Digital Nation. These actions are aligned with the Digital Tech ITP. The IoT Alliance also believes there are specific areas the Government should focus on to accelerate IoT uptake and innovation for the benefit … Continue reading "NZ IoT Alliance Manifesto 2023"
Submissions and Research

Water Services Legislation Bill

NZ IoT Alliance thanks the Finance and Expenditure Committee for the opportunity to submit on the Water Services Legislation Bill. This submission is in response to section 389 and the power for the Chief Executive to authorise persons to read water meters, and to bring forth consideration to emerging technology and the implementation of a … Continue reading "Water Services Legislation Bill"
Industry News

Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation Plan

NZ IoT Alliance thanks the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) for the opportunityto submit on the Advanced Manufacturing Draft Industry Transformation Plan. This submission is inresponse Priority Two, increasing investment in advanced technologies and processes to lift productivityand wages, as well as Priority Five, creating a leading sustainable circular net-zero emissions sector. .NZ … Continue reading "Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation Plan"