Cities Working Group

Increasingly cities are adopting technology and data to provide insights for decision making, improve public safety, enable greater energy efficiency and sustainability, and increase the overall quality of life for citizens. The application of Internet of Things technology enables the collection and analysis of data to support smart cities along with enabling increased automation across assets, infrastructure, and services.

The NZ IoT Alliance has proposed the establishment of a working group to bring together the Internet of Things solution ecosystem for smart cities more effectively to enable more liveable, workable, and sustainable cities, towns, and regions across New Zealand. 

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this Working Group is to investigate and promote the IoT innovation being developed in New Zealand in relation to supporting smarter cities, connect key stakeholders to drive this innovation, and to grow the membership of NZ IoT Alliance to more effectively support innovators and end-users. 

The group has been formulated specifically to address the following:

  • To advance the use and adoption of IoT technology to help build smarter cities.
  • To promote smart city solutions being developed by the IoT ecosystem within New Zealand.
  • To connect and grow the IoT solution provider ecosystem in New Zealand 


  • Promote current solutions and key interest areas on the NZ IoT Alliance website
  • Plan and deliver targeted stakeholder engagement activities 

Key interest area for 2023 – City Infrastructures

In 2023, Infrastructure 4.0 represented a significant shift from traditional infrastructure systems for cities, where advanced sensors and IoT devices are being used to collect vast amounts of data on infrastructure systems, including traffic patterns, energy usage and water consumption etc. 

The application of Internet of Things technology enables the collection and analysis of data to support decision making across these infrastructure, their assets and their services. 

The NZ IoT Alliance Cities Working Group helps bring the Internet of Things ecosystem together with data infrastructure, communities and city leaders to enable better decision making on city infrustrcutures, to create more livable, workable, and sustainable cities, towns, and regions across New Zealand. 

Outcome: Test Annual Theme Framework and Repository

The IoT Alliance Cities working group in 2023 will collaborate with cities, Tech NZ members, NGOs and relevant public sectors organisations to:

  1. Awareness: Increase awareness of the need to change the approach to infrastructure in NZ and the role of IoT Technologies in the Infrastructure 4.0, via combined communications and thought-leadership.
  2. Desire: Using both local and international IoT case studies in Infrastructure 4.0 success stories, work with city infrastructure stakeholders to help them gain active and visible sponsorship from city leaders and central government.
  3. Activation: Map the NZ IoT ecosystem to the Infrastructure 4.0 above narratives/case studies and support activation of 3 IoT city infrastructure initiatives using a collaborative approach to showcase data-informed decision making on infrastructure…powered by IoT.
  4. Ability: Work with Infrastructure 4.0 stakeholders to build IoT Skills, competences and education. Link to IT Professionals SFIA initiative.

2023 Goals

AwarenessThought Leadership BlogsInvite members and related parties to craft their perspectives on Infrastructure 4.0 and the potential role of IoT.1 well-crafted per month, and combine into a ‘Theme Series’ for the 2023 Repository
DesireCritical Questions for City Infrastructure WebinarsOpen webinars for city infrastructure stakeholders (AKL, WEL, CHC, DUN) to share their thoughts, desires and challenges.4 Webinars and Write-Ups into 2023 Theme Repository
ActivationInfrastructure 4.0 Pilots across Power, Water and TransportSupport activation of 2 or 3 IoT city infrastructure initiatives using a collaborative approach2 Case study on data-informed decision making for IoT infrastructure.
AbilityBased off Critical Questions webinars, explore opportunity to use SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) relevant to IoT and partner to influence employers to adopt it in their organizations.TBC

Join Us

The smart cities working group meet every month to get updates and work on progressing New Zealand’s smart city ecosystem. This working group is open for NZ IoT members, please contact us to join this group.
If you are not a member and would like to join, you can become a member here.