The Ledger of Things Working Group 

The Executive Councils of both Blockchain New Zealand and the IoT Alliance have identified synergies between the two organisations that could readily be implemented to deliver significant societal and commercial benefits to New Zealand and beyond.

By leveraging Blockchain’s decentralised ledger models in combination with IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, significant efficiency gains and security improvements could be realised by many industries – at speed and at low transaction cost.


The purpose of this group is to showcase the opportunities for alignment of IoT and blockchain technologies and to demonstrate how these integrated decentralised models can add value in the New Zealand context. 


The Ledger of Things Working Group will deliver a whitepaper series to give a high-level overview of the different use-cases of these two technologies.

The first whitepaper will focus on specific market sectors including;

  • Energy
  • Water 
  • Supply Chain and Logistics 

It is proposed to prepare a future paper on:

  • Food Security (Future)
  • Transport (Future)
  • Digital Twins and Predictive Maintenance (Future)

NZ IoT Alliance and BlockchainNZ Ledger of Things Whitepaper – Volume 1

Join Us

This working group is open for NZ IoT Alliance and/or BlockchainNZ members. Please reach out to either The NZIoTA or BlockchainNZ team if you would like to join. 

The New Zealand Internet of Things Alliance (NZIoTA) is an association of organisations and individuals that represent the industries that utilise the internet of things technology and smart technology. Our key purpose is to actively contribute to the acceleration and adoption of IoT innovation by promoting collaboration across industry and government to create a connected New Zealand.

BlockchainNZ itself is an association of organisations and individuals that represent the rapidly emerging business sectors being built using blockchain technology. These business sectors encompass IT, trade and supply chains, virtual asset service providers, financial services, and the public sector, to name a few. BlockchainNZ has taken a leading role in growing our country’s ability to maximise opportunities enabled by blockchain technology and address key challenges.