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Right place at the right time? LocationTech’s role in the metaverse

Whether it’s the billion-dollar investment in Epic Games, high flying stocks, virtual property booms, or the rollout of Google wayfinding tools – there’s no escaping the hype and promise of the Metaverse. And as tech giants Apple, Microsoft, Google and Meta (Facebook) vye for market share ahead of new meta hardware releases in 2022, a range of technologies are staking their claim ahead of the anticipated gold rush. 

Location Technology – on first mention – would seem like an obvious exponent, intermediary and major beneficiary of the Metaverse. Dig a little deeper, however, and Location Tech’s future  role in the rapidly evolving meta landscape is largely undefined – and quite literally up for grabs! 

In this not to miss TechweekTV event, LocationTech New Zealand’s Executive Director Alison Mackie and Deputy Chair Chris Morris explore these questions and more as they debate the role location technology has in the metaverse.



May 20
10:40 am - 11:40 am
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