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AI for the Environment in Aotearoa New Zealand

How can AI boost Aotearoa New Zealand’s biodiversity and help in the fight against climate change? How can it support environmental sustainability? What is the current state of environmental AI in Aotearoa? The AI Forum Te Kāhui Atamai Iahiko o Aotearoa’s new research report, AI for the Environment in Aotearoa New Zealand answers these questions and more.

Learn how AI can be used as a tool for positive environmental outcomes. Discover the opportunities and explore the possibilities. AI for the Environment in Aotearoa New Zealand is focused on five key environmental outcomes where AI can deliver meaningful solutions:

preserving and bolstering biodiversity
understanding the impacts of changing land use
reducing pollution from our activities
protecting our freshwater and marine resources
climate change mitigation
The report discusses how environmental AI can process big data and provide near real time information, more accurate predictions and modelling, support decision-making, detect features of interest in data collected from sensors and find new insights from historical data.

The report aims to increase visibility of existing and potential uses of AI for the environment, plus identify areas where New Zealand could be a world leader. It also outlines the challenges to increasing uptake and proposes areas for future focus. Our recommendations include building a coherent environmental data ecosystem, building capabilities and relationships, and increasing and aligning funding to support impactful projects.

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