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New Zealand IoT Alliance

Kordia launches New Zealand’s first dedicated ‘IoT Store’

IoT Alliance comment:

“Kordia has launches New Zealand’s first IoT Store, called the ‘Things’ store. The purpose of this initiative is to make it easier for businesses to experiment with IoT, and maybe even fail and try again. Unlocking some myths around the cost and the technology itself will be a significant step forward in realising the economic benefits of IoT in NZ. At the NZ IoT Alliance, we are encouraging everyone to give IoT a go!”

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IoT opens up a range of previously unimagined opportunities for how we can get critical insight and control into our businesses in order to work smarter, be more productive, keep track of items and improve customer experience.

At Kordia, we believe that every business – including yours – has at least one IoT use case that will benefit it substantially. It’s just that it hasn’t been discovered yet.

Many businesses under-estimate how simple and cost effective it can be to undertake an IoT proof of concept for their business. The biggest challenge to getting started is often not the technology itself, it’s thinking how your business could do things differently to take advantage of all that IoT has to offer.

For that reason Kordia has created the ‘Things’ store. We want to make it easy for you to get started with IoT, try a few things out, experiment a little and maybe even fail and try again. That’s the key to innovation.

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