Matt Hector-Taylor

Peace of mind for carers of vulnerable or elderly to support living well and safely in their own home for longer

BeSure is a set of services designed to help vulnerable people live independently at home for as long as possible. It allows their care person to be sure their dependent is okay when they are not there. BeSure uses passive sensors in the home combined with advanced analytics to monitor environmental, safety and wellness indicators and notify caregivers of issues of concern. This enables timely intervention and support, and reduces downstream problems that prevent people living at home.

Managers that need to deliver public services will learn from this how to use IoT technology to automate routine monitoring without intrusion, and enable action when required. 



Matt Hector-Taylor is a founder and Director of IOT Ventures and BeSure Solutions. His focus is on venture strategy, market development, product design and delivery, new market entry and venture governance and advisory support.