Angelique Grieve

Angelique has worked in the technology sector for over 9 years with a diverse background ranging from telecommunications, customer engagement solutions, integrated security solutions, through to her current role at SAS, and the world of data analytics.

With this varied experience Angelique has worked in a number of different industry verticals including banking, retail, telecommunications and utilities, focusing on how technology enables and delivers business outcomes, whether that be around efficiency productivity, managing risk, or customer engagement and customer experience. Angelique is on the executive council for the IoT Alliance.

SAS is a market leader in analytics, enabling organizations to create value from diverse IoT data and initiatives – whether that data is at the edge, in the cloud or anywhere in between. 

Our robust, scalable and open edge-to-enterprise platform bridges IT and operational environments. From visualization and statistical modeling to descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, SAS delivers expertise in IoT analytics – including AI, machine learning and deep learning – to reduce risk and gain business value.