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Virtual reality game shows Wellington after sea level rise

IoT Alliance comment: “Great to see brave cities such as Wellington partnering with tech companies like NEC to create new an immersive experiences to help us understand the challenges and risk our cities face. Great use of IoT, big data and VR technology.”  Full article source: Stuff New Zealand It’s hard to imagine sea level rising … Continue reading "Virtual reality game shows Wellington after sea level rise"
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Materials Revolution

We are in the midst of a materials science revolution that will impact every field of technology in every aspect of our lives.
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5 Future Technologies That Will Be Mainstream by 2020

“It’s not surprising that IoT, Automation, crypto-currency and AI will all be mainstream by 2020. The pull effect of these emerging technologies is going to shift the way we do business and live our lives”
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IoT will be supported by artificial intelligence by 2020

It is predicted that within three years 100 percent of all effective IoT efforts will be supported by cognitive or artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, a landmark New Zealand IoT Alliance study says.