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One Connected New Zealand

Kia Ora,

There’s been a lot of hype over the last few weeks with the rebrand of Vodafone to One NZ and their partnership with SpaceX to launch 100% mobile coverage across New Zealand in 2024. This rebrand and ambitious goal could significantly shift the IoT industry and bring increased competition between telecommunication companies in NZ. 

This competition could increase improvements to existing networks and continue the expansion of 5G coverage, providing more reliable and efficient connections for IoT devices. TheSpaceX partnership and development of satellite-based internet services (Starlink) can bring even the most remote parts of New Zealand to the connected world. It’s noted with their launch that their aim is to not only expand NZ’s network and coverage, but to also support businesses, safety and emergency services. 

In the connected world of IoT, this is a very exciting space to see unfold, especially in New Zealand where many of our agricultural companies rely on networks such as LoRaWan or Sigfox to collect necessary data, from weather conditions, soil moisture levels, to tracking livestock. Although LPWAN networks still have their advantages over current mobile networks, the option to use mobile networks for incredibly isolated areas will bring forth new innovations and connections that aren’t currently available. It’s also worth noting that many traditional LPWAN network providers are producing devices that also utilise mobile networks through mobile gateways or hybrid network architectures. 

I won’t be placing bets any time soon as it’s too early to see how this will unfold in the IoT space, but I hope this will continue the adoption of IoT devices, push for innovation, and bring adjustments to the current costs to produce and deploy devices. 

NZ IoT Alliance is interested to hear your thoughts on this development, how you see 100% mobile coverage will impact your business, and what innovations you see unfolding from this. Feel free to reach out to our team with your thoughts.

What’s Happening at IoT Alliance?


LocationTech has partnered with several geospatial groups across New Zealand to bring together the Geospatial Industry Profile Survey. Our goal is to gain insights into the current state of the geospatial sector in New Zealand, and identify areas where improvements can be made. 

If you work, study, or participate in the geospatial industry, we need your input. Your participation is voluntary and confidential, and the survey takes just 5 minutes to complete.

The survey will be open from 22 March to 3 May, 2023. Once complete, a public report will be developed to provide an overview of the current NZ geospatial industry sector, highlighting the survey’s key findings and identifying trends. This report is scheduled to be released towards the end of 2023.

Your input is crucial to the future of the geospatial industry in New Zealand, and we would be grateful for your participation. Please follow the link to take the survey now.

If you have any questions about participating in the Geospatial Industry Survey, please contact the GISS Committee.

Cities Working Group 

The Cities Working Group have started the year off with a bang and a big plan. Last year, we surveyed the IoT industry to pinpoint the common challenges, key interest areas, and current solutions being developed in New Zealand. This year we’re focusing on Infrastructure 4.0 and the application of IoT to support infrastructure development. The Cities Working Group are currently developing a programme of work to bring awareness and activations across New Zealand – watch this space. 

Ledger of Things Working Group

Last year, in collaboration with BlockchainNZ, we launched the first volume of our series of whitepapers, investigating the use-cases of blockchain decentralised ledgers alongside IoT devices. This first volume covers water and supply chain logistics. Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar and added their great insights to this innovative collaboration of technology.

We are currently planning our second volume in the series, which will cover cyber-security, human movement data, and digital identity. If you’d like to be seen as a thought-leader and contribute to our next volume, please reach out to our team. 


It’s starting to get to that time of year again! Techweek23 is taking place 10-20 May, where we’ll be kicking off the first year of the Tomorrow Expo. If you’d like to showcase your work and secure a spot, you can find all the information here.

If you’re planning on hosting an event during Techweek that focuses on either IoT devices or location technology, make sure to let us know and we’ll help support you. 

Alison Mackie 
Executive Director
NZ IoT Alliance

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