Working Groups

New Zealand ranks among leading countries in the world for readiness for IoT deployment

The IoT ecosystem has moved beyond concept to commercial reality.  Once widely deployed, IoT has the potential to be one of the most disruptive technologies in decades, but are we ready for it? What are the opportunities and risks?

Until recently, there has been little research into the potential of IoT for New Zealand’s economy. In 2017 we undertook a major research project and published The Internet of Things – Accelerating a Connected New Zealand.  Following the report’s publication, the Executive Council identified working groups to focus on key areas identified in the report.

Get Involved

Members of the IoT Alliance can choose to join the Working Groups currently underway. To learn more about our working groups or express your interest, please contact us.

Current Working Groups

IoT Collaborative Pilot

The purpose of the IoT Collaborative Pilot Working Group is to identify pilot opportunities and establish a governance framework for startups to collaborate with corporates.

Past Working Groups

IoT Cyber Security

The purpose of the IoT Cyber Security Working Group is to investigate and advise on IoT cybersecurity policy and regulatory issues, including the development of a recommendation framework.

IoT Data & Privacy

The purpose of the IoT Data and Privacy Working Group is to investigate and develop guidelines on IoT best practice for Data and Privacy and advise on policy and regulatory issues.

IoT Device Certification

The purpose of the IoT Device Certification Working Group is to articulate a clear device certification pathway, including overseas comparative analysis.

IoT Ecosystem Map

The purpose of the IoT Ecosystem Map Working Group is to develop an ecosystem map of the New Zealand IoT landscape.

IoT Knowledge Hub

The purpose of the IoT Knowledge Hub Working Group is to collate case studies to identify process issues and learnings.

IoT Technical Spectrum

The purpose of the IoT Technical Spectrum Working Group is to identify and promote efficient use and management of radio spectrum for IoT connectivity in New Zealand.