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New Zealand IoT Alliance

Share your views on NZ IoT device certification


There is a growing interest in connecting the physical world to the Internet, aka the Internet of Things (IoT). Are the regulations and rules in New Zealand around device certification holding back innovation? Are the compliance requirements well understood? These and other questions are of interest to a Working Group set up by the NZ IoT Alliance.

The IoT Device Certification Working Group wants to know about businesses and entrepreneurs views and experiences of complying with radio regulations in New Zealand. If you can help, please take a few minutes to fill out a short survey here.

Know someone who might have relevant views or experiences? Please share this with them too.

If you have any queries regarding this survey please contact us.

About the IoT Device Certification Working Group
The purpose of the Device Certification Working Group is to articulate a clear device certification pathway, including overseas comparative analysis. Participation in this Working Group, and other IoT Working Groups is open to Members of the New Zealand IoT Alliance. Learn more about the IoT Alliance here.

New Zealand IoT Alliance The New Zealand IoT Alliance is an association of organisations and individuals that have come together to take a key role in growing our country's capability to maximize the Internet of Things to generate economic growth while addressing any challenges.