IoT Waikato Meetup

This event is not run by an association in the Tech Alliance, but may be of interest to some members. This is an opportunity to get together to share and find out what is happening in this space around the Waikato, NZ, and globally, including opportunities and challenges. The April event is part of the … Continue reading "IoT Waikato Meetup"
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Is IoT full of rubbish?

“Bigbelly solar-powered compacting rubbish bins have been used in New Zealand, and around the world, for some time. Christchurch is the first major city in New Zealand to trial these compacting bins. The bin sends real time data to contractors telling them when they need to be emptied, resulting in fewer truck rolls and improved … Continue reading "Is IoT full of rubbish?"
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New sensor network builds earthquake resilience

“Christchurch City Council (CCC) has committed $765,000 over three years to install and maintain a network of IoT seismic sensor across the city. The new IoT network, called EQRnet, will deliver “Seismic Resilience as a Service” for public and private sector owners/operators of critical infrastructure. EQRnet is part of CCC’s Smart Cities initiatives and has … Continue reading "New sensor network builds earthquake resilience"
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What the IoT Means for Remote Work

“IoT may redefine what working remotely means. With more IoT sensors being deployed in workplaces, jobs which once required you to be in the office or on site, could in fact be done from anywhere in the world. Taking this a step further, could we soon see people doing their job completely from home using the cloud to interact with colleagues, work places and factories, and the billions of IoT sensors deployed globally”.
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Sigfox network in New Zealand is now complete

“Great to see another IoT network launch. Capacity is building, bring on the demand!” Source: Thinxtra Thinxtra’s New Zealand network is now complete with 94% of the population within coverage, including all major cities and regional cities, and as far as Hawera and Invercargill. Every population centre throughout New Zealand now has comprehensive redundant Sigfox … Continue reading "Sigfox network in New Zealand is now complete"
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Virtual reality game shows Wellington after sea level rise

IoT Alliance comment: “Great to see brave cities such as Wellington partnering with tech companies like NEC to create new an immersive experiences to help us understand the challenges and risk our cities face. Great use of IoT, big data and VR technology.”  Full article source: Stuff New Zealand It’s hard to imagine sea level rising … Continue reading "Virtual reality game shows Wellington after sea level rise"
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Internet of Things to monitor Christchurch sewer network

Great to see Christchurch City Council in partnership with Visionstream (Ventia) deploying low cost IoT to monitor and manage their sewage system. This solution is already resulting in significant operational improvements and cost savings. A real gritty IoT application delivering significant benefits to the people of Christchurch.