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News from the EC

Hope you have all been staying safe and well in your bubbles, and for those of you outside of Auckland are now enjoying a bit more freedom.

This time around we have taken a slightly different approach for the newsletter and have compiled together some great news finds from our Executive Council. We hope you find it an interesting read.

Also, as a reminder,nominations for the IoT Alliance executive council close 14 September.

News from the EC:

Why Fundamental Collaboration Is the Key Driver to the Success of the IoT Revolution
As we are in the midst of lockdowns and alert level changes, it is a reminder of the important role technology plays in connecting us to one another. Not only does technology create solutions to our social connection, but it is also a key driver in the success in the IoT revolution. To bring IoT to the forefront of the market, now more than ever we need to connect and collaborate with one another to drive its success. For further reading, The IoT Alliance supports and encourages the IoT collaboration theme withinthis article. We’ll be in touch on upcoming Working Group activities and how you can input, engage and collaborate on key aspects of IoT enablement in NZ.

Mandatory IoT Device regulations on the horizon
Attacks on IoT devices are rapidly increasing globally and it is clear that there is an urgent need for mandatory standards. While voluntary standards are a good start, they are unable to change industry practices as Australia has found out. New Zealand does not have a mandatory or voluntary IoT standard leaving many businesses and end users unaware of the attack surfaces of their devices. Read more about Australia’s ongoing experience with IoT standards here.

IoT and 5G
The potential leap in terms of data collection, processing and sharing that 5G will enable is exciting, however just like with any technology we need to focus on where it might apply. Many of you will be tired of the word but we need use cases and then we need to scale these out which requires an even greater investment. The other area requiring focus is analytics, what do we do with all the data once we have it to make it useful? There is of course the processing that can happen which enables things to happen at the edge and in the field so to speak but arguably the bulk of the potential of AI is in connecting federated data sets to be able to do so much more.

There is a lot still to work through, however we are moving closer to realising the potential of the alignment of these transformational technologies. One example is the team coming together to move forward with the use of Blockchain technology which when combined with IoT, 5G and AI brings a whole other meaning to “digital”.  It is fantastic to see the progress we are making in New Zealand across a number of related areas including Spark’s recent announcement of the 5G rollout boost, led by key players that are also investing in building awareness and capability across the ecosystem to support the kind of innovation we need to truly benefit our communities, the environment and economy.

The latest IoT application in healthcare  implemented in Italy
IoT Manages Dementia Patients’ Security, Assets and Communications

Welcome Alison Mackie
On a final note, we wish to introduce our new Community Manager, Alison Mackie, to The Tech Alliance team. She has come onboard to manage the IoT Alliance, as well as the BlockchainNZ and LocationTech communities. Alison comes with a background in IoT and blockchain, having researched and advocated for the use of these technologies over the years. Alison will be managing the day-to-day operation of The IoT Alliance, engaging with the membership base, managing the events calendar and newsletters, as well as being the key person for members to communicate directly with. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please feel free to reach out to Alison –

Ngā mihi,
The team at the NZ IoT Alliance

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